Human-Centred Cognitive Assistance

The Human-Centred Cognitive Assistance research group at the University of Bremen investigates the theory and practice of visuo-spatial thinking and computational visuo-spatial cognition at the interface of artificial intelligence, cognitive science, and human-computer interaction.

The HCC group develops cognitive assistive technologies aimed at applications in the fields of design (architecture, media), geographic information systems, and cognitive vision and robotics. The group collaborates internationally, maintaining close links with leading experts in academia and industry.


The DesignSpace Group |
Cognitive Vision |
Spatial Reasoning |
Commonsense Cognitive robotics |


CoDesign 2017 | The Bremen Summer of Cognition and Design
Spatio-Temporal Dynamics (STeDy) | Workshop Series
SHAPES | Workshop Series
DesignSemantics | Special Interest Group
Artificial Intelligence and Cognition | AIC 2016
Visuo-Auditory Narrativity | Cognition and The Moving Image: an outlook

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HCC Lab Courses @ UNI-BREMEN | Courses
CoDesign 2017 Seminar Series @ UNI-BREMEN | Summer Semester on Cognition and Design
HCC 2016 School | International School on Human-Centred Computing
Accredited Training | ThinkSpatial for Architects