Tutorials, Keynotes, Lectures

Participation is possible via the application guidelines applicable to the respective event:


  • Tutorial at AAAI 2018:
    Cognitive Vision — On Deep Semantics in Visuo-Spatial Computing. www


  • Tutorial at IJCAI 2017:
    Declarative Spatial Reasoning — Theory | Methods | Applications. www
  • Tutorial at COSIT 2017:
    Spatial Cognition in the Wild — Methods for Large-Scale Behavioural Research in Visuo-Locomotive Perception. www
  • Tutorial at ECAI 2016:
    Cognitive Vision — On Deep Semantics in Visuo-Spatial Computing
  • Tutorial at ECAI 2016:
    Declarative Spatial Reasoning — Theory | Methods | Applications
  • Keynote:
    Tobii Pro Event - Eye Tracking Social 2015
    Vienna, Austria.
  • Tutorial:
    Commonsense Visuo-Spatial Reasoning: Theory and Applications
    International Conference on Spatial Information Theory (COSIT) 2015. www
  • Cognitive Science Institute / Institute für Kognitionswissenschaft (IKW) 2015
    University of Osbanrück.
  • IKW Colloquium lecture., Institute of Cognitive Science, University of Osnabrück, Germany., 2015
  • Keynote lecture — EG-ICE: European Group for Intelligent Computing in Engineering, 2015
  • Invited Talk — Space Syntax Ltd. (London), 2015
  • Tutorial on: Design Semantics 2015. Indian Institute of Science (IISc Bangalore), Bangalore India.,January 2015.
  • Intensive lectures on: Cognitive Systems (Part I), and Design Cognition (Part II)., La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia., December 2014.
  • Intensive lectures on: Cognitive Systems (Part I), and Design Cognition (Part II)., IIT Hyderabad, India., December 2014.
  • Coloquium lecture on: Computational Cognitive Systems - The Case of Commonsense, Space, and Change. GI-Forum, ifgi, University of Münster, Germany. November 2014.
  • International Spatial Cognition Summer Institute (ISCSI) 2013., University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB)
    "Human-Centered Cognitive Computing for Assistive Technologies", (Lecture@ISCSI 2013)
  • Politecnico di Bari, Italy 2013, Dipartimento di Architettura e Urbanistica
    Course on: "Spatial Cognition for Professional Architectural Practice and Education"
    as part of PhD program on Spatial Planning at the Politecnico di Barii
    Supported by: ECOURB research project at Bari
  • Tutorial on: Spatial and Temporal Reasoning, organised as a part of the Indian School on Logic and its Applications (ISLA), 2012., Manipal, India (@ISLA, @STeDy)
  • Tutorial on: Recognising Behaviour in a Spatio-Temporal Context, AAAI 2011, San Fransisco, USA (@AAAI-2011, @STAMI)

University Courses

As a student wanting to work with me on the projects etc, it might be useful to establish a foundation by participating in one of the courses on offer:

Upcoming or Ongoing:

  • EMBODIED COGNITIVE EXPERIENCES – Media | Perception. Interpretation. Synthesis. (project: Digital Media Bremen + HfK: University of Arts Bremen). Winter Semester 2016-2017
  • Readings in Visual Perception. Winter Semester 2016-2017


  • Human-Centered Computing (HCC 2016) - Minds, Experiences, Technologies.
    (International school) Summer Semester 2016. www
  • Spatial Reasoning for Computational Cognitive Systems. Summer Semester 2016.
  • Evidence-Based Design | Space. Perception. Embodiment. Summer Semester 2016.
  • Cognitive Computing. Summer Semester 2016.
  • Spatial Reasoning for Computational Cognitive Systems. Winter Semester 2015-2016. www
  • Visuo-Auditory Narrativity and the Moving Image. Winter Semester 2015-2016. www
  • Spatial Reasoning for Computational Cognitive Systems. Summer Semester 2015. www
  • Cognitive Computing. Summer Semester 2015. www
  • AUGMENT: Augmented Interaction and Analysis for Spatial Design
    (currently ongoing as bachelors student project; will continue in SS 2015, and further as Masters only project in WS 2015-16) www
  • Commonsense Spatial Reasoning. www
  • Design Cognition and Computation
    formerly: Spatial Computing for Design (SPaDe).
  • SmartSpaces: Space, Time, and Ambient Intelligence
    formerly: Behaviour Recognition in Ambient and Smart Environments (Be-AmI).
  • Experimental Cognitive Robotics (ExpCog). www
  • From Syllogism to Commonsense: A Tour Through the Logical Landscape. Winter Semester 2011-12. www

Important: Enrolment is possible by directly emailing me, or via the UniBremen online system.