Cognition AI Interaction Design

CoDesign / Confluence

Cognition. AI. Interaction. Design.

CoDesign is confluence: its a confluence of research areas; of interdisciplinary, mixed-methods ways of identifying and pursuing human-behavioural research; and of human-centered, socio-culturally motivated opportunities where basic research in Artificial Intelligence and spatial cognition, and technological artefacts emanating therefrom, ought to demonstrate their application and impact.

Minds. Experiences. Technologies.

CoDesign addresses -as one area of ongoing emphasis- the interpretation and synthesis of embodied cognitive experiences using a synergy of empirical and analytical methods rooted in the
cognitive and computational disciplines.

Principal focus here is on
pursuing methods from, and interactions between:
Artificial Intelligence, Spatial Cognition and Computation,
Cognitive Science and Psychology, Human-Computer Interaction, Design Science.

Upcoming / CoDesign EU

We are building new research initiatives in collaboration with colleagues in Europe, and Internationally. Watchout this space, or reach out, to find out more about exciting developments with CoDesign.

We welcome participation in upcoming actions in 2018:
|   CoDesign   @   New Orleans. Warsaw. Stockholm. Rome.   |

Checkout past CoDesign activities here:
|   CoDesign 2017, and HCC 2016   |

/   New Orleans. Warsaw. Stockholm. Rome.  /

Feb - Sep 2018

New Orleans   /   Tutorial
Cognitive Vision:
On Deep Semantics in Visuo-Spatial Computing

@ The 32nd AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence
AAAI 2018, New Orleans, United States

Warsaw   /   Tutorial
Spatial Cognition in the Wild:
Methods for Large-Scale Behavioural Research in Visuo-Locomotive Perception

@ The 10th ACM Symposium on Eye Tracking Research & Applications
ETRA 2018, Warsaw, Poland

Stockholm   /   Tutorial
Declarative Spatial Reasoning:
Theory, Methods, Applications

@ 27th International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence and the 23rd European Conference on Artificial Intelligence
IJCAI-ECAI 2018, Stockholm, Sweden

Rome   /   Symposia
Minds. Movement. Moving Image. (Part I)
On Spatial Cognition and the Built Environment

Minds. Movement. Moving Image. (Part II)
On Visuo-Auditory Perception and the Moving Image

@ International Conference on Spatial Cognition
ICSC 2018, Rome, Italy

CoDesign 2017  /  The Bremen Summer of Cognition and Design

CoDesign 2017: The Bremen Summer of Cognition and Design, was setup as series of mutually complementary events in the areas of artificial intelligence, spatial cognition, design computing and cognition, creativity, multi-modality, communication and media, and human-behaviour studies.

see CoDesign 2017
HCC 2016  /  Human-Centred Computing

First International School

The International School on Human-Centred Computing (HCC 2016) was organised in the immediate vicinity of the Hanseatic city of Bremen, Germany. The educational programme of HCC 2016 included lectures, keynotes, and tutorials delivered by an internationally distinguished faculty. The school featured a Young Researchers Forum for participating research students.

The research-based educational agenda of HCC 2016 covered basic topics in Artificial Intelligence, Visuo-Spatial Cognition and Computation, Cognitive Science and Psychology, and Human-Computer Interaction.

see HCC 2016
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