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The Design Semantics 2014 meeting will taken place in Bari, Italy during June 30 - July 2 2014.
Interested participants are most welcome to express interest. Details are available under
"Bari Workshop 2014"

Design Semantics. IAOA Special Interest Group

Design, e.g., for creative, visual, product, architecture, and engineering, involves conception and abstraction with high-level constructs and patterns. An abstract preliminary design is translated to specific structures (e.g., at a quantitative or geometric level) via processes involving conceptual design, abstraction, computational modelling, iterative refinement etc.

The Special Integerest Group on Design Semantics aims to create an interdisciplinary platform for the discussion of all topics connected to the theory and professional practice of design, encompassing aspects of multi-modality, creativity, engineering, and scientific problem-solving. Perspectives from ontology, computer science and artificial intelligence, mathematics, aesthetics, cognitive science, psycho-linguistics and beyond are of focus in the SIG. In particular, the SIG aims to facilitate a discussion between researchers from all disciplines interested in representing and reasoning about design. This includes formal (e.g., logic-based, relational, algebraic), cognitive, linguistic, engineering and philosophical aspects of design, as well as their application in the sciences and in the arts, both human and computer generated.

Specific domains being addressed include architecture design, urban planning, geodesign, product design, visual and auditory digital media (e.g., music, film, animation, entertainment) design etc. The scope of the SIG encompasses:
  • design semantics and multi-modality encompassing, for instance, language, image, gestures, sound
  • design semantics in creative domains (visual art, photography)
  • design domains involving engineering, function-driven computer-aided design
  • design for urban planning, environmental modelling, geography, entertainment and digital media
  • applied ontological foundations of next-generation decision-support systems and analytical technologies facilitating the design process
A preliminary focus of the SIG is on the domain of spatial design for architecture, and the role of design semantics in the context of computer-aided architecture design standards and interoperability initiatives such as the Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) and the Building Information Model (BIM). Here, the SIG addresses the ontological and semantic aspects underlying next-generation computer aided design tools; contemporary design technologies lack the ability to exploit the expertise that a designer is equipped with, but is unable to communicate to the design tool explicitly in a manner that is consistent with its inherent human-centred conceptualisation, i.e., semantically and qualitatively. In this context, this special interest group, aims to establish working-groups, and standardisation and dissemination initiatives within the foundational framework of the International Association for Ontology and its Applications (IAOA).

Special Interest Group: Design Semantics
IAOA SIG Co-Ordinators. Mehul Bhatt and John Bateman

About IAOA:
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